Four major functions in a computer!

                           People can easily identify 4 major functions are input, processing, output and storage in a computer from the following picture. On this post, I show each function in detail by 4 categories.

1. Input: allow users to put the data in the computer, such as mouse, keyboard and  stylus.

Keyboard is obviously allow and help people to input data to computer. It is a typewriter-style device that can use to type text and numbers in to a word processor, text editor or gaming.

2. Process: Manipulates, calculates, or organizes data into information, like CPU

A central processing unit(CPU) is the hardware in a computer. It carries out the instrucions of a computer program by operating locial, basic arithmetical, input and output in computer system.

3.Output: Displays data and information for people, like printers and screens.

        A printer is output function for computre, because it produces a representation of an electronic document on physical media suan as paper or transparency film.

4. Storage: Saves data and information for later use, for example disk, tape drives and flash drives.
  USB flash drive is one of the data storage devices which is removeable an rewritable. It includes flash memory with universal serial bus. Although it’s a small device, it contains up to 512 GB. The purposes of USB flash drives are back up, storage, and transfer files for computers.

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