Four major functions in a computer!

                           People can easily identify 4 major functions are input, processing, output and storage in a computer from the following picture. On this post, I show each function in detail by 4 categories.

1. Input: allow users to put the data in the computer, such as mouse, keyboard and  stylus.

Keyboard is obviously allow and help people to input data to computer. It is a typewriter-style device that can use to type text and numbers in to a word processor, text editor or gaming.

2. Process: Manipulates, calculates, or organizes data into information, like CPU

A central processing unit(CPU) is the hardware in a computer. It carries out the instrucions of a computer program by operating locial, basic arithmetical, input and output in computer system.

3.Output: Displays data and information for people, like printers and screens.

        A printer is output function for computre, because it produces a representation of an electronic document on physical media suan as paper or transparency film.

4. Storage: Saves data and information for later use, for example disk, tape drives and flash drives.
  USB flash drive is one of the data storage devices which is removeable an rewritable. It includes flash memory with universal serial bus. Although it’s a small device, it contains up to 512 GB. The purposes of USB flash drives are back up, storage, and transfer files for computers.


This is the vedio to explain what ROM and RAM are.

ROM: Read-only mermory

Stores startup instructions

Permanent (nonvolatile) storage

RAM:   Random access memory

tores instructions and data Series of several memory cards or modules

Temporary (volatile) storage

Taken form Stepen Choing’s notes.

Technology and Medicine

Technology is changing the field of medicine from every detail. People are already know about technology is helping us in medical field, such as doctors are not required to remember every disease, people can make their  appoinment easily and find out basic treatment for cold or first aid and patients are far better educated about conditions. Moreover, technology creates a lot of good devices in the field of medicine. Needle-Free Diabetes Care is one of the newest medical prodects of technology.

The Symphony tCGM biosensor from Echo Therapeutics(left one)

This product is literally for paints who have diabetes.It is very convenient for all diabetors, because it brings need for glucose testing, daily insulin shots and the heightened risk of infection from poking. Although, there are good machines for automating most of the complicated daily blood sugar management, such as Continuous Glucose Monitor and Insulin Pumps. Echo Therapeutics is a new product which would replace poke and patch. For this technological product, it

included a handheld electric – toothbrush-like device that can remove top-layer skin cells to check blood chemistry with signal range of a patch-borne biosensor. The sensor is able to collect one reading per minute and send data wirelessly to remote monitor and triggering audible alarms to operate.

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Interesting Technology–Amazing 3D Printer

3D Movie is fantastic enjoyment for most people currently. 3D actually is a new technology worth people to explore. That’s why I creat this post to introduce 3D printer.  For most people, they are familiar with 3D printer.

Let us see what 3D printer is.

3D printer nmed Additive manufacturing formally. It’s a machine to produce  three- dimensional solid object of any shape by digital technology. In fact, the 3D printer is not the new technology because the first working 3D printer was created in 1984 by Chuck Hull. In twenty first centry, it was developed rapidly by people.

The 3D printing technology is used for both prototyping and distributed manufacturing with industrial design and engineerin g.(you can see the above picture.) However, 3 D printer is very useful in coomercial and domestic use. For example, most recently. delta robots have utilized for 3D printing to increase fabrication speed further.

The following website is a vedio to talk about 3D printer.

What is data mining?

         According to the Dictionary com, data mining means the process of collecting, searching through, and analyzing a large amount of data in a data base, as to descover patterns or relationships. Obviously, data mining has been used in many fields. Warehouse is one of the well known field to use data mining to manage and analyze their business. They can easily check up their stock, price and species by data mining. Additionally, warehouse’s buyers can identify which products are popular and custom’s habits from data mining their products.



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Technology is more than just a job!

         In twenty first centry, technology is one of important thing in people’s lives.  It’s easy to see technology around the world at present.

         For ten years ago,  people may thought that technology is only a tool for their jobs or one of entertainment for lives, such as listen to music, watching dramas or send email. Actually, technology means career advancement, survival skills for society and a tool for individua make an impact beyond life.

        Technology is closely related to world. It allowed people to access to everywhere and discuss questions easily, whatever political or gobal issues or human right.